For A Short Time Only: Pick Up Will Sell Hemp Bars

By admin_wc May 11, 2019

Pick Up promises a “summer rush of the extra class”. From the 1st of August, the new “Pick Up Minis High5 Choco & Hemp” will be sold in certain supermarkets in Germany. According to Bahlsen, the Pick Up Hanfriegel ensure a “sweet intoxication that is quite addictive”.

Hemp as a superfood is currently a big trend in many countries all over the world. Bahlsen knows this too and therefore offers a slightly different pick up from August: this time, hemp seeds are processed in the chocolate between the two biscuits.

In addition, the hemp bar is easier to share than a normal pick up, there are 5 mini bars per pack. The “Pick Up Minis High5 Choco & Hemp” will be on sale as of August 1st as a limited summer edition. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer is € 1.49. If you want to try it, you won’t have to pay more than what you would pay for a conventional Pick Up.

The marketing language of Bahlsen suggests that the new hemp bar could lead to a drug rush like classic cannabis use. This is by no means the case. Cannabis and hemp seeds are safe to consume and won’t get you high.

In Germany, however, the rules for products containing hemp or cannabinoids are relatively strict, and the case law is not always clear. Some hemp-containing products are freely available in Germany, but the sale is often a gray area.

This is mainly about dietary supplements. Cannabis seeds and products containing hemp seed, such as the new Pick Up Hemp Bar should not bring any legal issues for their buyers.