Man Bikes 19,000 Miles While Vaping To Disprove Lazy Stoner Myth

By admin_wc March 11, 2019

Roger Boyd likes to get stoned and ride his bike. So much so that the Bristol, England native has spent the last three years pedaling over 19,000 miles across border lines and continental divides, consuming cannabis at every stop.

According to the Bristol Post, Boyd began his Tour De Dank in 2015, after switching from smoking weed to using a portable vaporizer. With some newfound lung power and a heady buzz, Boyd set out to disprove those who ascribe lazy stereotypes to stoners, documenting his pedal-powered adventures on his blog far, Boyd has biked across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and India through rain, sleet, and snow, across highways and over mountains. Riding over 100 miles every day, the lit Lance Armstrong said he would stop every 20 miles or so to break out his trusty vape, allowing him to stay high the entire journey.”I’ve always loved getting out on my bike and doing exercise while stoned,” Boyd told the Bristol Post. “The idea for my cycling around the world adventure came to me one night, but there wasn’t much on the internet about vaping and exercise. There is a negative perception of people who use cannabis, compared to those who use alcohol. But alcohol is more harmful — there’s an imbalance there. I’m perfectly lucid and safe when I ride; [marijuana] just helps me eat up the miles.”Along the way, Boyd said he encountered countless other potheads — in locations as disparate as Siberia and Nepal — who joined him for impromptu smoke sessions. And with his beloved bike (“It’s so strong and has horns so I called it Rhino”) by his side, Boyd has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Dissuaded from a Middle East tour because of their harsh cannabis laws, Boyd’s is already planning his next indica ironman. This time, however, he wants to take advantage of North America’s green rush and plans to embark on a pan-American trek across the U.S. and Canada that he says would take anywhere from 18-20 months. For the impending adventure, the biking-obsessed Brit will seek out sponsors to make his ride a little smoother. With or without funding, though, Boyd will keep pedaling and keep puffing.

“There are no limits to my daily amounts — of weed or distance,” Boyd said.