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Sour OG

The Sour OG Kush resembles a love child coming from a perfect marriage, bringing together the best of both worlds with a well-balanced, quick-hitting high. 

Venom OG

Sometimes an unsettling strain name is definitely warranted, and this is the case with the Venom OG Kush, commonly known as the Venom OG. The

Cinderella 99

Like a gift from your fairy godmother, Cinderella 99 is sweet treat that delights the senses and sends you into your own dreamy fantasy land.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese has always been an interesting strain. While the aroma of strain is heavily rooted on the genetic side of the Cheese, a strong

Violator Kush

Violator Kush or also called Violator OG is a Indica dominant descending from a Hindu Kush and a Malana. Barney’s Farm is responsible for this crossing


Lemonaid or also called Lemon Tree is a even hybrid that came to existence by crossing a Lemon Skunk with the amazing Sour Diesel. This

Jack OG

Jack OG short for Jack Herer OG is a wonderful strain that combines two genetically powerhouses into one. Jack OG is a famous strain from

Silver Haze

Every once in a while a cannabis strain comes along that is so pure and so intense, it becomes the stuff of legend. Silver Haze

Pineapple Express

Launched into infamy as a result of the film Pineapple Express, this strain that has made its way into popular culture and is going to

3 Chem

This amazing tasting strain is somewhat unknown still. Those who tried it say it is a great tasting strain! 3Chem came to existence when Topdawg