Which Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit Should You Buy?

By George March 2, 2019
Which Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit Should you Buy

We live in a beautiful era. No longer are we dependent on weather or climate to grow whatever kinds of herbs we desire whenever we desire. No more finding hidden patches of dirt to cultivate cannabis on the sly. 

Now you can quickly bring home – or have delivered to your door – all the tools you need for an indoor garden. It’s called an indoor marijuana growing kit, and it includes all the supplies necessary to start what’s known as a grow box.

What Is An Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit?

You may have heard about hydroponics, which is one of the two methods a grow box can employ. The other is soil. A grow box allows you to have perfect growing conditions year round because you control it! It’s an entirely self-contained growing environment. You control the amount of light it receives. You control how much water it consumes.

An indoor marijuana growing kit, naturally, provides all the elements you need to set up, maintain and cultivate a healthy indoor garden where the cannabis can grow like the weed it is, free of suspicious characters discovering it or mother nature wreaking her havoc upon it. 

After we discuss the pros and cons of indoor marijuana growing kits, I will tell you what you can expect to find in the kit, as well as what to look for when selecting your kit.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit

The choice is yours, of course, between indoor and outdoor marijuana growing. Here, rather than spend time on outdoor, we will concentrate only on the pros and cons of indoor growing.

Control Over Your Grow

The #1 biggest pro is control. Control over the environment. There are many options for indoor growing, hydroponic being the most well-known. You can set temperatures, light cycles, humidity levels, and CO2 production. Grow kits have all the tools you need to maximize control of these elements. Indoor growing produces pleasing plants, visually striking and high in potency. You can live anywhere on earth you like and never worry about weather conditions.

No natural elements like snow or hurricanes to destroy an entire yield. Even a beginner grower can yield up to half a pound every two months. You can get up to four harvests a year indoor instead of just the one. There is far more control over the size of your plants as well. With a grow kit you don’t need a tent – although you can get a grow tent kit – and you can set up your grow box almost anywhere.


Then there’s the safety and security. No nosy neighbors are going to snitch on you if your grow operation is hidden indoors. Not only are you protected from climates, but you are also protected from being discovered by unwanted authorities or greedy thieves.

Although indoors greatly aid the “out of sight, out of mind” factor, it can be detected by other senses, such as smell. Proper ventilation is very important, and without it, the neighbors may pick up on your “hobby”. Also consider that the lighting and fans may create bothersome noise. So these are things you will have to think about beyond what is included in the kit. There will be additional expenses.

What Are The Cons Of Getting An Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit

Those are the pros. Let’s take a minute to consider the cons.

Less Space

The initial set up can be expensive, and it may take a few harvests to make up the difference. There’s the tent, the lights and so much more. And the learning curve, of course. Also, you can be limited by the amount of space you have. Outdoor grows, although less frequent, can have higher yields simply because they grow bigger because they have more space. The energy bills can also get expensive for all the lights, and you may have to seek conservation methods.

Can Get Expensive

Another thing that can get expensive is the flip side of nature. Without naturally occurring predators like bees and other insects outdoors, the pests that they usually consume can become a problem leading to expensive fertilizers and pesticides, which can then force you to adjust other variables, like ph levels, or add nutrients for counterbalance. Getting a grow kit will help you at least make a more affordable package in the beginning so you won’t break your bank buying accessories and maintenance.

Pros Of Indoor Marijuana Growing Kits

    • Control
    • Speed
    • Security
    • Protection from nature’s elements
    • Higher potency
    • Higher yield frequency

Cons Of Indoor Marijuana Growing Kits

    • Expensive setup
    • Expensive utility bills
    • Noisy
    • Smelly
    • Limited space
    • Smaller yields

What To Look For In An Indoor Marijuana Growing Kit

There are lots of choices you have to make for yourself before selecting a grow kit, such as what kind of lighting you want to use, what kind of system, which nutrients you intend to use, what type of seed, tent size should you use one. But a basic complete grow kit will include a tent, some kind of lighting system, and some type of fan or ventilation.

Beyond these foundation elements, you will need to be specific and personal about whether you need a drip system or soil, what kind of pot -not the cannabis, the container – and which nutrients you will want have on hand. Then you can follow that by choosing things such as power strips, timers and ducting.

Make sure the kit is streamlined and compatible and compare prices to make sure you are getting the best value on everything included, or whether it is more efficient to add some elements on as accessories. We’ll discuss accessories before the end of this article, but first here is a sampling of what we think are some of the best kits for the best value out there, waiting for you to take them home and put them to work.

Best Value Of Indoor Marijuana Growing Kits

Now, in no particular order, we will share with you our expert opinions on the best indoor marijuana growing kits out there, the ones that fit your particular needs and offer the best value.

1. Gorilla Grow Tent LED Combo Package

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t always need a grow tent. But if you are going to invest in one, the best and most innovative, the popular leader in the market, is Gorilla Grow Tents.

So we’ll start there with something easy and compact for the beginning grower. The Gorilla Grow Tent LED Combo Package comes from Planet Earth Growing Supplies and is hailed for it’s long-lasting, efficient equipment. It provides professional performance at a novice price. It includes the tent, LED Lights, and a ventilation system, plus a timer and thermometer.

Package Includes:

    • Gorilla Grow 2×4 Tent
    • Kind LED 450W Light (120 3w LED Chips)
    • Active Air 6″ x 25′ premium ducting
    • Active Air 6″ x 16″ Carbon Filter (400 CFM)
    • Active Air 6″ In-Line Duct Fan (400 CFM)
    • Active Air 6″ Clip-On Fan
    • Active Air Hygro-Thermometer
    • Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster
    • Hydrofarm Dual-Outlet Analog Grounded Timer
    • Hydrofarm 1/8 Rope Ratchet – (2 pieces)


    • Professional performance
    • High-Quality Gear
    • Maximum Yield
    • Includes Carbon Filter and Ventilation
    • High-Performance Set Up


    • A Little Pricey (but efficient for quality)

2. Gorilla Grow Tent 1000W Kind LED Xl1000 Package

If you’re looking for something a little more industrial with a little more power, look no further than another Planet Earth Growing Supplies offering that includes a durable, reliable Gorilla Grow Tent, the 1000W XL1000 Package.

Some say this is almost the perfect growing kit. All the equipment is premium quality, producing high yields and better quality bud. The kit gives you complete control over your growing environment, as the kit itself has been custom built by professional growers.

Although it seems expensive, it lowers the risk that comes with investing in lower quality gear.

Package Includes:

    • 10×10 Gorilla Grow Tent
    • Kind K5 Series 1000W Grow Lamp
    • Autopilot Master Digital Timer
    • Autopilot high power HID controller
    • Hydrofarm 1/8 Rope Ratchet (4 pieces)
    • Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster (total 2)
    • Active Air 8″ x 25′ Premium Ducting
    • Active Air 6″ Clip On Fan (4 fans)
    • Active Air Hydro-Thermometer
    • Can 8 inch Max Pro Series (863 CFM)


    • High Quality Grow Tent
    • High Quality Grow Lights
    • Complete Kit
    • Easy Automatic Set Up
    • Easy Installation
    • Energy Efficient
    • Professional


    • Expensive

3. Topo Grow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

Another well-respected company with both starter and advanced kits available is TOPO GROW. Their beginners hydroponic tent has a unique feature called “Full Spectrum” as part of it’s complete kit. “Full Spectrum” is a user-friendly design which allows you to grow your crop easily in any growth cycle including vegetation, germination or flowering.

Another thoughtful feature from topo grow is their attention to ventilation and odor. To counter the odors, they include an activated carbon filter and plenty of cooling fans and vents, including a fan-filter combo.

It also contains a built-in heat dissipator, a high power lighting system, and many accessories. This complete kit is considered by far one of the best cheap kits on the market.

Package Includes:

    • 32x32x63 Grow Tent
    • LED 300W Grow Light
    • 4-inch Fan-Filter Combo
    • 2 Cooling Fans
    • Carbon Filters
    • Velcro Pre-Filter


    • Cheap
    • Odor Elimination
    • Growth Cycle Spectrum
    • Strong Ventilation
    • Heat Dissipation


    • A bit small

4. Complete 3×3 Grow Tent Kit By Worms Way

Ironically, no worms will get in your way with this complete grow kit. It’s not for beginners or professionals, but more intermediate and mid-level growers. It’s great for those growers who want a high yield in a short period of time, allowing you a greater return on your investment sooner.

It helps you provide your plants with a good atmosphere and consistent care, so they can thrive and give you the best harvest. The Worms Way Kit is energy efficient and provides maximum coverage.

It includes monitors and proper timing controllers so you can set everything automatically and the 400W ballast supports the HPS bulb which comes with lens and reflector. All that’s left for you to do is procure is some containers, good soil and great seeds!

Package Includes:

    • 3×3 Darkroom II DR90 Tent
    • 400W Ballast
    • HPS Bulbs with lens and reflector
    • Nutrients, supplements and cloning gel
    • Charcoal Filter
    • 4 inch inline fan
    • Rope Ratchet
    • Thermometer
    • Hygrometer
    • Timer


    • Nutrients included
    • Ballast included Timers and measuring tools included
    • Premium Equipment


      • Noisy fan
      • High heat
      • A bit expensive
      • Non-LED Lights

5. The Budgrower 4×4 Complete Indoor Grow Kit

This is probably the most complete indoor marijuana growing kit on our list. This kit erases most of the shopping, hassling and thinking involved in setting up your first grow.

It includes a tent, HPS Grow Light fixture, hydroponics soil, and potting mix, as well as carbon filters and fans for ventilation. It will bring you a higher yield, allowing you to cultivate 6 to 9 plants at a time.

Low maintenance is the name of the game here, and an array of accessories they throw in will help you along the way. With this kit, you will be able to meet the demands of a large indoor yield. It even includes video instructions!

Package Includes:

        • 4X4X6 Tent
        • 315 Watt Light Unit
        • 7 Gallons Coca-Loca Soil
        • 10 ibs Kind Soil
        • 6 Grow Pots
        • Cementing Jars
        • Soil Grow Plugs
        • 4 inch inline fan
        • Inline Exhausting Fan with 5 Speeds
        • 4 inch Carbon Air Filter
        • Drying Rack


        • Included soil and nutrients
        • HPS or LED Light Starter Kit
        • A lot of accessories included


        • Small tent

6. Hongruilite Tent Grow Kit Package

If you have decided on using the Hydroponic method, which can produce a fresh and tasty crop, then the Hongruilite Tent Grow Kit Package is the indoor marijuana growing kit for you!

Hongruilite also employs the full spectrum function and gives you a variety of options depending on your needs. For example, your choice between 300W and 600W LEDs, and the tent is multi-sized, adjustable based on the needs of your crop.

And they have been attentive to odorous concerns – the carbon filter is good for up to 15 years, and the kit includes an exhaust fan and a double-layered silver elastic duct. This package is an especially good choice for beginners, and gives them room to grow!

Package Includes:

        • Adjustable tent
        • 300W or 600W LED Grow Light
        • Inline Fan
        • Carbon Air Filter
        • Silver Flex Ducting
        • Elastic Ropes
        • Velcro Pre-Filter
        • Steel Hose Clamps


        • Complete Package
        • Options for lighting and tent size
        • Odor Elimination
        • Affordable
        • Quality Equipment


        • No Monitors
        • No Controllers
        • Limited Stock

7. HTGsupply 3 X 3 Grow Tent 400W HPS Complete Kit

The low budget choice for this list is the HTG Supply Complete Indoor Marijuana Growing kit, and if you are a fan of HPS lighting, then this is the kit you want. It’s a plug and play design that doesn’t require any special electrical specifications and the kit will work with your normal household electrical outlets.

The kit, in addition to the standard but high-quality equipment, includes an Advanced Nutrients combo pack. It’s easily and quickly assembled.

The kit covers many bases – reducing warmness, air movement, timers, and even hanging the light! This complete outdoor marijuana growing kit is a full combo at an affordable price.

Package Includes:

        • 3X3 AgroMax grow Tent
        • 400W HPS Grow Light
        • Ratchet Rope
        • Advanced Nutrients Combo Pack
        • Thermometer and Hygrometer
        • Mechanical Timer
        • Inline Fan with projection kit
        • Flange Kit
        • Circulation Fan
        • DWC Hydroponic System


        • Plug and Play
        • Includes Nutrients
        • Affordable
        • Ph Perfect Fertilizer Technology
        • Reliable Manufacturer
        • Easy, Quick Assembly


        • No odor control
        • Heat Issues

8. Oppolite Indoor Grow Tent Kit Complete Package

Finally, if you intend to tend to your garden inside the closet, then the Oppolite Complete Package will really get you going! First, there are the powerful lights – 2 1200W COB – which stands for Chip On Board – LED Grow Lights!

But besides that, this package puts everything together for you so you don’t have to shop around clumsily for all the appropriate components. The light is a full spectrum with a lifespan of 3 years, the tent is heavy-duty, lightproof Oxford cloth, and it has a powerful but quiet cooling system comprising a fan-filter combo and inline duct fan.

The great thing about this kit is with the light power included, your grow will get a healthy harvest from any size space you can manage.

Package includes:

        • 1200W COB LED Grow light
        • Heavy Duty Mylar Grow Tent
        • Fan Filter Combo
        • Inline Fans
        • Ducting Fan
        • Enhanced Spectral output
        • Velcro Pre-Filter
        • Coal-based Carbon Filter


        • Great For Beginners
        • Reasonable Price
        • High Intensity
        • Flexible


        • Sells out fast

Useful Indoor Growing Accessories

So you have, hopefully, by now, settled on a method of growing, and your space, and which kit is appropriate for all your needs from space to equipment to budget. Now you know what accessories are not included. There also may be some accessories you didn’t even think about, or may make your job easier.

Indoor Cannabis Growing Electronic Supplies

All the kits we covered include a tent, lighting, and ventilation of some kind. Others even include some nutrients, or soil, or containers. But that’s not all you need. You will want a timer for automatic feeding and watering, and even lighting , you may want a ballast. Very few kits include a ballast too. Not all have a thermometer or hygrometer, which are essential tools.

Our suggestion is when you’re budgeting, make a separate list of the accessories you will want and do the math on those first, so you can select a kit that leaves you with a budget for accessories.


Some useful accessories you might not have thought about include a watering can, a spray bottle for leaves, some clip or desk fans. Bamboo sticks can help support vertical growth of your plants. T5 Fluorescent Tube Lights for the vegetative state will aid in the production of resin. You can get temperature and humidity sensor systems. Pruners are helpful for trimming instead of common household scissors. Plant labels for different strains can give your garden an organized touch.

What Are You Waiting For?

Well, we hope you have learned a thing or five here from our guide. Many of these terms and functions may be new to you. Look them up, get familiar, figure out how it all works together and what works best for you.

We do our best to educate and inform you, but be aware that we suggest you follow your own map and research what these components are, how they function, what suits your circumstances most comfortably, what your goals are, and other pertinent information before you purchase your indoor marijuana growing kit.

That will ultimately be the deciding factor in making your garden work for you. We wish you the best of luck on your journey, and we hope we can one day sample the fruits of your labor!

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